Given that 20 million families are spending more than 50% of their income on housing in America and the silent affordable housing crisis grows each day, I’m greatly disappointed that the topic of affordable housing has been absent from the presidential debates. Not one question. This is the time when we must challenge our candidates for the highest office in the land to lay out a credible agenda for meeting the challenge. This past week, during an interview on CNN, I pointed out that New York State has one of the worst housing problems in the nation and suggested that candidates from both parties ought to be talking about this. We hear about a lack of growth, fewer opportunities and income inequality. Fair enough. But what about one of the underlying reasons for poverty and inadequate growth: housing insecurity. Workers building a career can’t thrive when they can’t find a home they can afford or are forced to move repeatedly. Children can’t meet their potential in school if they have a new address every few months. We have both a supply and a demand problem. When it comes to supply, few federal programs are more effective than the Low Income Housing Tax Credit. And new ideas are popping up to address the demand side. What we need is political will to meet the need. Sunday published my opinion piece calling on the presidential candidates to speak up on affordable housing. I hope you will share any comments with me.