house keychain iconJones Walker LLP attorneys John Peck and Alysse Hollis attended a symposium on September 22, 2015 sponsored by the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority. The symposium, titled “The Future of Affordable Housing,” brought together thought leaders around the Midwest for a day of discussion and networking about issues facing housing authorities and other providers of low and moderate income housing across the nation.

The keynote luncheon featured Antonio R. Riley, the Midwest Regional Administrator for HUD, who touted successes around the country in ending homelessness for our nation’s veterans, as well as challenges and opportunities with respect to HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (“RAD”) Program.

Mr. Riley encouraged attendees to explore innovative ideas to leverage resources to provide affordable housing such as the Regional Housing Initiative (“RHI”) currently being undertaken by public and private entities in Illinois, including nine public housing authorities and the Illinois Housing Development Authority. RHI allows housing authorities to pool available rental assistance vouchers to provide long-term support for rehabilitation and construction of affordable rental units in economic opportunity areas around the region. Mr. Riley also praised the administration’s efforts to bring more lower-income families on-line with its Connect Home initiative that leverages public and private sector resources to expand high speed broadband internet services to more families across the country.

Please visit the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority for more information.