The Jones WalkeiStock_000025049360_Larger Affordable Housing Team members Rick Lazio and Brian Lawlor will co-moderate a panel on Rebuilding after Disaster: Lessons Learned from Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy at the Novogradac Affordable Housing Tax Credit Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana October 1-2, 2015.

Aug. 29th marked 10 years since New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina. Both Katrina and 2012’s Hurricane Sandy were tragedies, but they also created opportunities to rethink how the affordable housing community finances and delivers much-needed housing in a stressed environment. Unfortunately, these two storms won’t be the last natural disasters from which we will have to recover.

Join our panelists as they discuss the lessons learned from these two natural disasters. They will discuss how to better advocate for effective housing responses in the aftermath of such tragedies, where the investment/developer opportunities are, and what specific products, if any, should be developed to address the needs of a community in recovery.

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