Rick Lazio Speaks with Housing Wire Magazine on How Housing and Healthcare Go Together

Rick A. Lazio, a partner on the firm’s Affordable Housing Team, was recently interviewed for the article “Here’s one way housing and healthcare go together” in HousingWire magazine.

Rick spoke about how the healthcare industry and housing industry cross paths in many situations and there are thousands of Americans in hospitals that don’t want to be there and don’t need to be there.

They can move into permanent housing with supported services, and they could save taxpayers millions of dollars

Jumping to 2:10 in the video, Lazio explains what can be done to address affordable housing and healthcare problems.

New Markets Tax Credit Allocations Announced

On November 17, 2016, the Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund announced the allocation of $7 billion of Federal NMTC authority. The Community Development Entities receiving this allocation are actively looking for projects to fund.

If you have or are aware of a project looking for federally subsidized funding, you may be in luck. Both real estate and operating business projects carried out by both for-profit and non-profit entities may qualify if located in a low-income community or if such business is owned by, employs, or serves low-income persons.

For more information, please see below and contact any one of our NMTC Team Leaders.

Helpful Links:
Allocation Awards
NMTC Program Description
NMTC Mapping Tool

Jones Walker NMTC Team Leaders:
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Lawlor Presents at Urban Land Institute

JW 105 BIO rd8.inddBrian Lawlor, Special Counsel on the firm’s Affordable Housing Team, presented and moderated the Urban Land Institute’s Forum panel “Creating Affordable Housing.” The discussion included a private developer, a not for profit developer, and the Housing Authority of New Orleans.

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) also welcomed Stockton Williams, Executive Director of ULI’s Terwilliger Center for Housing to discuss national trends in the housing sector, and how they apply to communities in south Louisiana.

Hollis and Jackson Speak at ABA Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law Fall Boot Camp

Jones Walker Affordable Housing Team members Alysse Hollis and Toni Jackson were panelists at the American Bar Association’s Forum on Affordable Housing and Community Development Law Fall Boot Camp in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ms. Hollis’ session, “Tax Exempt Bonds for Affordable Housing,” focused on the underlying rules for tax-exempt bond financing for affordable housing and the concomitant low-income housing tax credits.

Ms. Jackson’s panel discussed the importance of CRA to community development and how lawyers can assist clients in identifying opportunities to work with lenders and investors needing CRA credits.

Rick Lazio Speaks with HousingWire Magazine on Current State of Housing in the U.S. and Lack of Housing Policy Mentions by Presidential Candidates

Rick A. Lazio, a partner on the firm’s Affordable Housing Team, was recently interviewed for the article “Rick Lazio: Presidential candidates would do right to mention housing policy” in HousingWire magazine as part of an interview series with Affordable Housing professionals.

Rick spoke about where affordable housing policy stands now and what improvement is still needed. Rick also discussed the role affordable housing has played throughout this election year.

…it’s disappointing that housing, something so central to all of us, has received scant attention during the presidential race. But let’s face it: questions about candidate character and personality, not issues, have dominated this campaign.


Lawlor Published in Commercial Observer

JW 105 BIO rd8.indd

Brian E. Lawlor, special counsel in the firm’s Affordable Housing Practice Group in the New York and New Orleans offices, recently authored the article, “All Affordable Housing Development Is Local,” in the Commercial Observer. In the article, Mr. Lawlor discusses how grass roots support is the key component of success for any affordable housing development.

Rick Lazio to speak at AHDC 2016 Policy Conference

JW 105 BIO rd8.inddRick A. Lazio, a partner in the firm’s Affordable Housing Practice Group in the New York office, will speak at the Affordable Housing Developers Council (AHDC) Policy Conference being held in New York City on September 9, 2016. The AHDC is the coalition representing Affordable Housing Developer CEO’s from around the country and matures the relationships between CEO’s and members of Congress in states and districts around the country. The AHDC also delivers the affordable housing message not only from a public policy need but also from an economic and jobs benefit as well.

Federal Banking Regulators Update CRA Guidance for CDFIs and Historic Tax Credits

by Neal C. Wise

The OCC, Federal Reserve and FDIC recently adopted final revisions to the Interagency Questions and Answers Regarding Community Reinvestment (Q&A) based on proposals the agencies issued September 10, 2014. The revisions – which clarify nine Q&As, revise four Q&As and adopt two new Q&As – provide guidance as to how banks may receive credit under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) towards their obligation of meeting the credit needs of their communities.

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